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TWT Consulting provides on mandate basis professional advisory and support in all areas of business development, project management and contracting with special focus on foreign markets consulting (FMC)



TWT StratCom is expert in interest representation and politics consulting according good corporate governance principles



TWT Systems supports effective technology application through optimum technical systems integration design concepts, engineering and installation work providing end-users not only parts and components but complete systems solutions



TWT Trade meets demand and supply by providing commercial services which connect commodities and products with customers for the benfit of end-users



TWT Energy, Environment & Life Sciences is the TWT expert business unit dealing with all kind of projects regarding energy, the environment and life sciences including health care, nutrition, agriculture and world water.



TWT Infrastructure & Construction is the TWT expert business unit providing infrastructure and real estate development including engineering, procurement and contracting (EPC) solutions



TWT Mobility, Aviation & Space is the TWT expert business unit working in all spheres concerning public and individual transportation, losgistics, airplanes, helicopters, airships, UAV's, maritime vessels,  satellites and other space technologies



TWT National Security & Defense is expert in all areas of VVIP and National Security as well as defence technologies especially for NATO interoperable Land, Air and Naval Forces




TWT Manufacturing, Research & Development is industry oriented looking into latest R&D as well as OEM production including manufacturing trends and solutions






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